Xil'tur A'lauritha

The Beholder of the Mountain


A hateful eye glazing over the stores of forgotten gold and platinum which lays in piles scaling the stone pillars supporting a mossy terrace. The bodies, some of stone, others of dust, or man, and beast, litter the the floor like idle trophies for one with a twisted grimace of pride. It has been as long as memory and longer, but the body of a desiccated humanoid grasping in vain for a archway long ago collapsed. Perhaps he was simply another adventurer meeting his fate at Xil’tur mighty sight, or perhaps, a student of powers long since forgotten. Groping for knowledge which his mind could not comprehend or reaching for power which was already grasped. Among the other treasures within the chamber are passages and vaulted ceilings all intertwined within themselves. A pale light shines through a skylight into the atrium of this crumbling pit, both grandiose and horrifying. Leaning, nay, levitating on a raised platform decorated in the most powerful and valuable of lost relics he waits. An abomination of nature whose physical form is wretched even in comparison to those of his kin. Time and magic by which now is most ancient has warped the beholder into something more…. vile and powerful. Many eyes blink in sporadic almost seizing motion, some aged and white as if blind, with others seemingly as dark and deep and the Nine Hells. They cease; one large grotesque eye gapes through your existence. A deep, regal voice speaks “You. Are. Beckoned.”.

A beholder beyond comprehension in this dimension whose appearance sometimes blurs and gyrates without movement. coiled tentacles and monstrous teeth seemingly writhe in the pale light of his chasm. With centuries or more of experience and brooding it still finds a particular hatred for dwarves and a particular interest in humans. Halfings seem almost pitied by it, but never spared, with gnomes, elves, and others as just more trespassers.

With such wealth it treasures unique magical items over all else, and its lust for power has created a nasty habit of capturing wizards and sorcerers. Warlocks are seen as gateways to higher beings, which he tears apart using powers beyond mere mortals.

Xil'tur A'lauritha

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